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Woodbrook Vale School

Woodbrook Vale School

Woodbrook Vale

Anti-Bullying Team

Supported by Mr Khan and Mr Burt

Role Description

As part of the Anti-bullying team, you will be promoting a positive and supportive environment around Woodbrook Vale School. You will undertake training by the Diana Award to become official Ambassadors, here you will learn how to deal with bullying incidents, and ways to support staff in the process. As part of the team, you will work together to come up with ideas for whole school events or more specific strategies to help individual students or year groups.

At lunchtimes and break times you will spend time with students who might be experiencing bullying in school. Here you will act on these reports to help to support staff in effectively reducing incidents within school to make for a better school environment for all students.

Student Leader Expectations

  • To attend the training event to become an Anti-Bullying Ambassador.
  • Support the team in implementing and running events to promote Anti-Bullying.
  • Be available during some lunchtimes/break times to speak to peers and staff about incidents of bullying around the school.

Staff Support

  • Mr Burt will be leading the team to training events.
  • Mr Khan will be available to discuss and implement strategies within the school.
  • Mr Burt and Mr Khan will work with the students if incidents do occur and need reporting.