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Woodbrook Vale School

Woodbrook Vale School

Woodbrook Vale School

British Science Week 2023

Last week Woodbrook Vale celebrated British Science Week!

This year’s theme was ‘Connections’ which was embedded across assemblies, tutor times and lessons, including after school workshops!

Mrs Johal, Head of Science, lead the assembly for all year groups, discussing common connections in Science such as circuits and neural pathways. Students were keen to take part and win prizes for their participation!

Miss Bacon ran a bridge building workshop, focusing on which group could make the sturdiest structure to connect two locations. Mrs Atton and her workshop attendees made barometers to show connections between humans and nature, thinking about the weather and how we can monitor changes. All form groups took part in a sustainability discussion during the week aimed at trying to make global connections and considering the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals; this linked nicely to Geography as well as our whole school focus! Finally, Mrs Dale took British Science Week to Outwoods Edge Primary School where she ran practical sessions for their year 6s around fruit batteries and sustainability of technology!

Well done to everyone who was involved! If anyone would like to continue with the themes and activities of British Science Week, a poster competition is currently running until 31st March. See the link for details of how to enter:

We look forward to next year for more fun and exciting events! - The Science Department