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Woodbrook Vale School

Woodbrook Vale School

Woodbrook Vale

E-Safety Team

Supported by Mr Danby

Role Description

As part of the e-safety team, you will meet regularly with Mr Danby, to discuss and suggest ways to help improve the online safety for our students. This will involve taking part and planning assemblies as well and being the student voice for issues and new trends that affect our students. You will also raise awareness of Cyber-bullying and be a designated person for students to go to with issues or concerns around social media and gaming addictions.  This role may involve supporting other students.

Student Leader Expectations

To attend all meetings organised by Mr Danby.

To play a role in assemblies or whole school-safety initiatives e.g. International Safer Internet Day.

To offer suggestions to Mr Danby about how e-safety could be improved for students.

Staff Support

Mr Danby will organise meetings for you to attend

Mr Danby will be clear about expectations for assemblies and whole school e-safety initiatives.