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Media Studies

Media includes the study of television, film, newspapers, magazines, radio, advertising and pop music. To complete this course you will study a range of media and complete three assignments that focus on advertising, film promotion and practical production where you will create a film trailer or music video. During this course you will gain skills in analysis, design, image production, word processing, marketing, research, journalistic techniques, filming and editing.

Teaching strategies

Media Studies will be taught for three lessons a week. You will be expected to be selfmotivated and have an enquiring mind. Much of the course will be based around your own research and areas of interest. In addition to filming, web-design and editing, the course does have a large written element and will require a commitment to meeting deadlines and a hardworking attitude.


All students will study a linear course for two years. Controlled Assessments make up 60% of each award and the External Assessments count for 40%:

Unit 1 is externally assessed and requires students to investigate a pre-released media topic and to undertake research and planning in order to respond to four tasks.

Unit 2 comprises three controlled assessments which require students to build on their understanding of the media key concepts for their own pre-production planning, leading to a realised production for Assignment 3. 

Units 3 and 4, students are required to look closely at media industries and practices. The units are complementary. Unit 3 is externally assessed and is made up of two sections. In Section A, students are expected to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of how media industries function, and in Section B to demonstrate application of that knowledge and understanding in response to a related stimulus.

Unit 4 focuses on practical exemplification of students’ understanding of media industries through a cross-media production response to an industry based brief.

Beyond GCSE

GCSE Media Studies is a very popular course. The media industry is a large and growing area for employment and there are now many media based courses at colleges and universities.

Find out more

Please speak to Mr Allford or Mrs Cellupica for further information about this course and what if can offer.

Alternatively, you can visit the AQA website for the specification.