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Woodbrook Vale School

Woodbrook Vale School

Woodbrook Vale

Student Leaders

Our Student Leader programme enables students in years 8-11 to play an active role in supporting our school, our community and promoting worthwhile projects to the rest of our student body.

Each Student Leader will have applied for their role and each Leader will have a specific team that they will work with to promote change within the school community. Student Leaders have the opportunity to represent the school during important events, support key initiatives the school is working towards and fight for what our young people believe in. Most crucially, it is down to the students to determine what and how they want to lead and promote change in the school community

Each team is supported by a member of staff who can help guide and support Student Leaders in their activities and approaches. However that member of staff is there for advice only. The student leaders are expected to coordinate meetings, collaborate with members of staff and lead on their initiatives

Currently, Students Leaders are working towards helping our school to become greener, promoting charities through raising awareness and fundraising events and supporting important school priorities such as wellbeing.

As well as this, students can support with transition, with peer mentoring and with helping to promote the school during events such as parents evenings.

The students who take a role in Student Leadership are able to develop a vast array of skills and experiences that are valuable in all aspects of their life. Including working with groups of people that they may not otherwise work with, improving confidence and organisation skills and ensuring that they are always an example to the students at Woodbrook Vale. As a result, we have high expectations of our Student Leader’s behaviour, engagement and uniform around school. The skills and social learning that goes hand in hand with Student Leadership will help young people to embrace new and exciting opportunities outside of school and will support their personal growth as they leave Woodbrook Vale at the end year 11.

We are extremely proud of our Student Leaders, they are outstanding young people who have proved that when they work together, anything can be possible.