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Woodbrook Vale School

Woodbrook Vale School

Woodbrook Vale

WMA News

Hello and welcome, this is the home of the Woodbrook Media Association. Here you can get all the News, Sport and Entertainment.

We hope that you enjoy our programmes on TV and Radio and we hope to be able to produce programmes for you as regularly as possible.

We also publish The Genuine Article (schoool newspaper), You can access our content through the subpages on the right and the links below.

Thank you for visiting the WMA

Peter Thorpe,

WMA Director General

Become a member of the WMA:

If you would like to become a member of the WMA, meetings are held after school in ICT 2/ The Drama Studio from 3:00pm until 4:30pm on Thursdays. Here we record all of our radio and TV content.

Our list of jobs include:

  • Presenter
  • Script writer
  • Content Editor
  • Uploader
  • Camera Operator

Currently, we have a large team, but if you are interested in joining, email and we will get back to you.